Hakim Live Concert

The Canadian Pharaohs Group is proud to present this memorable live concert for the Lion of Egypt, Hakim.

Hakim is one of the Arab world’s most popular performers. His music — danceable pop that originated from Egyptian traditional music — is called Sha’bi. Sha’bi offers listeners a chance to vent their feelings about love, romance, joy, dreams, and life, — anything that’s worth longing for, laughing, dreaming and crying about. This is what differentiates Hakim.

Hakim between belief and business flair has sold more than eleven million records, recorded music with James Brown and Stevie Wonder, and was one of a select group of artists (including Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Simply Red, and Cat Stevens) invited to attend and perform at the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in November 2006 representing the Arab World.

His appearances go from being amongst international stars (Glorya Gaynor, James Brown) at the World Peace Music Awards in the US to played at major international festivals including the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival, The World Economical Forum in New York (2002) with music legend Quincy Jones and many other international artists like Bono, Lauryn Hill, The Radio City Music Hall with artists such as Elton John.

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